Comprehensive Data Center Solutions and Services

At Open Up we are aware that you are entrusting us with the heart of your company. We understand what is required of us, the precision of a surgeon performing a highly critical operation.

Critical Systems Transfer

We offer a unique service in the market for our customers technological equipment transfer which effectively combines a Technical Team and a Logistic Team. Each team carries out their tasks to a high standard and commitment which is underlined during any move carried out for our customers
In order to carry out these activities, Open Up has a fleet of vehicles specially designed, built and equipped for the transportation of such goods, with special anchorage systems and highly secure and resistant lifting platforms. For the freight handling we count on step climbing robots, tractels, etc, which guarantee the equipment is treated with the highest safety levels.

We manage permit processing (using special mechanical devices, traffic blocking, civil work sites, etc…) and count on the means and qualified and specialized personnel to carry this out.


Voice And Data Installation


The wiring is an essential piece for the proper functioning of a Data Center. Proper installation and wiring analyzers certified ensures that the specifications meet the required standards.

The cable channel is an aspect to consider. Cables are separated depending on their type and special focus on fiber optic cables. For fiber must install a closed fiber ducts, providing protection against compression and ensure minimum bend radius of the fiber cable is never exceeded. Open Up is Panduit Certified Installer

An equally important part of the wiring is labeling, identification and documentation
This task performs correctly saves huge amounts of time in the future for possible improvements, modifications or uninstalls.

Mission, Vision, Values


Open Up will be the leading national company in Comprehensive Date Center Solutions and Services providing their customers with the best experience.


We are a team of people committed to what we do: “To give a unique and exceptional service to our customers” Our customers’ trust is our commitment.



Committing goes beyond fulfilling our obligations, it is putting into play our capabilities to carry out all we are entrusted with.


Responsibility is an obligation of fulfilling to what we committed to.


We fulfil what we promise and we do not promise what we cannot fulfil. We satisfy our customer expectations the first and every time.


We devote ourselves to every customer as if they were the only one. We give our customers a good, fast response to their needs and we don’t stop until they are met.


We take care of natural, social and cultural values existing in a particular place and moment which influence mankind’s life.
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