Data Center Services

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Data Center Services

Data Center relevance is becoming ever greater in our lives. A data Center is the place where storage, management and data distribution of one or more companies is provided. More and more companies migrate their system cores to qualified Data Centers, where they can have secure operations and with the necessary services to develop their business or create their own Data Centers with the same goals.
Open Up can provide a global service in Data Centers, designing and implanting the necessary services in order to optimize the infrastructure and the equipment involved in the Data Center creation and its management. This way we make an effort and focus on reducing capital investment and operative expenses.

Critical Systems Transfer

We offer a unique service in the market for our customers technological equipment transfer which effectively

Voice and data installation

The wiring is an essential piece for the proper functioning of a Data Center. Proper installation and wiring analyzers certified ensures that the …


In small or old data centers is not uncommon to see air conditioning devices for offices (splits, multi-splits, compacts) to maintain acceptable temperatures for all the electrical components.


According to the Energy Demand Forecasting Report information, Data Center demand in 2011 was 1,2% of the World’s Total Energy. This information shows the importance of adequate Data Center management.

Technical Cleaning

Whether your data center or computer room is a single cabinet or a large Data Center, regular cleaning is necessary to keep the equipment in good working order, for personnel health reasons and for environmental aesthetics

Installation And Maintenance

We rely on the best professionals to carry out installations of elements which form part of a network in a professional environment.
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