Technical Cleaning

Technical Cleaning

Computer Room cleaning

Whether your data center or computer room is a single cabinet or a large Data Center, regular cleaning is necessary to keep the equipment in good working order, for personnel health reasons and for environmental aesthetics.

Open Up offers three basic services either separately or in combination, which are designed to keep your Data Center in maximum working order.

Check out our technical cleaning guide for data centers.

External cleaning of hardware

Open Up use tried and tested techniques to eliminate dirt, dust and other contaminants in your controlled environment. Not only what can be seen, but also the accumulated dust which cannot be seen. uses specialized cleaning solutions. Open Up takes the necessary measures to avoid damage or working interruption.

Cleaning of technical floor

The majority of technical floors are designed to dissipate electrical static, providing a route to earth. Dirt on floor surfaces and equipment bodies greatly reduces the floors’ capacity to dissipate static. Inadequate cleaning can cause malfunction. It is necessary to eliminate dust and dirt from all types of surfaces.

Premium cleaning

The longevity and correct functioning of any DPC depends on the space between the base and the technical floor. Above all in DPCs with ventilation via sub-floors. Unfortunately, due to gravity, this space is the area most vulnerable to dirt and dust. If its accumulation is permitted, these contaminants will become introduced into the air circuit and will get into your equipment via the air conditioning which is so vital to their functioning. The impact of contaminated air flow can provoke problems in circuitry, increasing fire risk and various associated problems.
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