Security(Access Control ,CCTV)

Security (Access Control, CCTV)

To access Network Control Systems which offer greater security and control in restricted areas.


One or more terminals to which scanners will be connected where personnel introduce their card to open a door or barrier. Access is granted via magnetic band cards or proximity cards. According to the model, the terminal connects to a computer through a series RS-232/422 port or an Ethernet network with TCP/IP protocol.
A program that will allow communication between the computer and the terminal which programs the authorized codes and provides reports about personnel access to the different places to be controlled, with minimum effort.
Magnetic or proximity cards for personnel to clock in/ out. Magnetic band cards are immune to conventional magnets, offer long durability and low cost. Proximity cards only need to be close to the scanner, regardless of their position, to be read.

Magnetic Band Card

Proximity Card

Finger Print

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