Our Methodology

Open Up

Our Methodology

At  Open Up we are aware that you are entrusting us with the heart of your company. We understand what is required of us, the precision of a surgeon performing a highly critical operation.

It is for this reason that we do not see equipment as mere boxes, but as they are: High value servers, due to the information they contain and for the self same equipment. Network electronics has, in turn, extreme importance as it is the point of interconnection between all your equipment and therefore requires special treatment.

Open Up treats each removal uniquely, attending to the clients’ needs and offering the necessary assessment according to our experience. We work closely with the client’s IT to go over their working methodology, respecting time frames and any special requirements.
Our working methodology, part of our most important capital is our human team, made up of a technical and a logistics team. It is via this means that our technical team understands perfectly the client’s requirements and are able to communicate this to the logistics team, who, following said instructions, carry out removals with the greatest guarantees of success.

Another very important activity within Open Up  , are the tools with which we carry out these specialised removals. We have the most technologically advanced tools at our disposal.

We wish to underline the degree of our clients’ saisfaction and would like you to form part of them.

We are at your disposal to show you our methodology in detail and to show you our credentials which back up our experience and level of commitment to our clients.

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