Racks Supply

Open Up Works with different manufacturers in the supply of Racks for networking.

Heights: From17Us to 47Us
Widths: 600mm y 800mm
Depths 600mm, 800mm, 900mm y 1000mm
Models of Racks:
Rack Housing: With glass door, Double door, Metal door or ventilated glass.
Industrial Rack: With/without metal door, glass or framed
Control rack.
Open frame.
Wall mounted.
ETSI Rack .
Exterior Racks.

PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

works with different manufacturers and models of intelligent  PDUs .

  • Horizontal and vertical PDUs
  • Single phase or three phase
  • Managed or simple

The ever increasing complexity of the IT environment whether in a cabled cabinet, a room of servers or a Data Center, has caused the need for reliable power distribution to increase at rack level.

We offer different makes and model of SAI for your equipment and critical data protection against electrical problems. There are differing forms:

  • Tower
  • Rack
  • Convertible Tower/Rack

Open Up  le offers you solutions for different environments: Computer and peripheral, Network and server, DPC, etc

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