Installation And Maintenance

Open Up

Installation and Maintenance

We rely on the best professionals to carry out installations of elements which form part of a network in a professional environment. We offer support to hardware and software incidences, all controlled through an incident management tool. This tool enables us to keep our clients perfectly informed as to the situation of their case.

We listen to our clients and answer their requirements by adapting to their needs.

We offer various types of maintenance contract, depending on the SLA, response time, management of their guarantees, equipment repair, equipment substitution, storage, etc.

Our vision is pro-active and we carry out periodic preventive maintenance on our clients’ equipment, so detecting possible problems which could leave work stations or networks inoperative.

Open Up want to understand our clients’ business to be able to offer them the best solution on the market from the viewpoint of “Investment to Profit Company”.

We understand that selling for selling’s sake is a short term vision and we are seeking a long term relationship; for this reason we attend to the business needs of our clients.

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