HVAC ( Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

HVAC infrastructure is a very important part of the DPC or date center. Installation of a good system is a key factor to guarantee extended equipment and therefore business life.

However, in    we are convinced that a good air conditioning system does not just include the installation of coolers, splits or other devices, but also  correct energy control and sizing: costs resulting from poor foresight can be very high.

Refrigeration through under floor cold air flow

In small or old data centers is not uncommon to see air conditioning devices for offices (splits, multi-splits, compacts) to maintain acceptable temperatures for all the electrical components. Nonetheless, according to the growing needs and size of the data center, although air-conditioning capacity may be sufficient, air distribution is not.

That is why the industry has developed more complete, effective and cleaner solutions.

The subfloor propulsion of cold air, via motors specifically designed to rapidly resolve the problems of distribution and air flow, are the most widely implemented solutions nowadays.

Cold air is distributed where and whenever necessary, which has greatly improved the energetic efficiency of data centers.

Cool path, hot path concept.-

Subfloor air propulsion reaches its maximum efficiency if two separate microclimates are maintained: one with subfloor cold air propulsion required by the servers, and the other being for the dissipation and escape of hot air  .

Without this type of boundaries, the air paths mix, resulting in greater cooling costs, despite having much more effective systems.

This type of design, which aligns data and server booths in alternate lines, is used in critical installations around the world, and is generally considered essential for data center cooling.


Although traditional cooling by sub floor cold air propulsion and cool-hot path design are still considered key in Data Center cooling, the constant increase in the demand for processing capacity has led to the refinement of this concept via cabinets.

With these we can homogenize the temperate at all heights of a server Rack , avoiding floor to ceiling variations of up to 10º and also causing the temperature along the length of the cool passages to be as homogenous as possible.

Cool path, hot path concept.-

Free cooling consists of using outside air for the cooling of data center interiors, as long as it is cool enough to use. This technology enables large cost savings and noticeably increases the efficiency of a data center.

This innovative solution has three different alternatives base on the same concept:

The outside air temperature is greater than the propelled air temperature but less than that of the work place. The cooling system must work partially to lower the outside air temperature which is introduced 100% until it reaches the required propelled air temperature.

The outside air temperature is lower than that of the propelled air: the system modulates the ducts so that the mix of outside air and re-circulated air reaches the desired temperature, the production of cold air being unnecessary, which means that cooling is free.

The outside air temperature is greater that of the surrounding air: the installation works in a conventional manner to satisfy the ventilation needs of the work place.
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